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> Sysinfo 4

Sysinfo 3.24 was the last release of this famous amiga benchmark tool published by Nic Wilson in the year of 1993. The last 3.24 release doesn't manage the 68060 processor who is now really popular on Amiga but many people still use Sysinfo to benchmark their Amiga either.

So i've contacted Nic Wilson at 23th of July of 2012 to ask him the right to continue his work on Sysinfo. He answered me positively and so i start my work on Sysinfo.

The 7th of November of the same year, Geijer release Sysinfo 4.00. It seem that Nic Wilson give him the right to do so one year before me (12th of August 2011). But neither Geijer nor me were aware that somebody else was working on a new release of Sysinfo.

My work start one year after Geijer work so his release is much more advanced; so i've decided to stop my work on this project.

You can see a screenshot of where my work was here.